Anime: Assault Lily: Bouquet

Opening theme: Sacred world


Season: Fall 2020


Fukisusabu reisu
Tachimukae minds to fighter

Tataerareshi kokō no yūsha koko ni mebuku
(I Found susumubeki michi e to fight now)
Kurayami no usu akari ni fumīreta begin now
(I can fumetsu e no michi kara help now)
Yōshanaku takeru specter
Erabubeki Right choose
(Excite shitara sugu dead down)
Chū o kiru uzu no naka de
Ugomeita sadame he to The soul which burns
[look up at the sky so don’t waver
Just break, just burn, just blaze, change the world]

Kono chikara ga kesai o toki dare de mo nakute utsumuku saki ni
Hakidashita iki aogeba mō
[nani ga attemo kisasenai] (kaiten kichi he to hurry up shitara madamada ikeru go way)

Go shooting out kakan ni mai odore
Kizuna ga hanatsu hitotsu no Treasure power
Tsukinukero kibō to baibusu de
Tsumazuite kōkai nante yurusarenai
Sukū beki sekai wa place of sacredness
[sekai sukue! place of sacredness]

Raging Lace
Stand up, Minds To Fighter

This is where the exalted, aloof hero springs forth
(To the path I should follow that I Found, Fight Now)
A beginner who stepped foot into the dark, dim light
(I Can Help Now, from the path to immortality)
Not holding back, ragged Specter
What should be chosen, What Choose
(Excite, Sit Down once you arrive)
Together with the fate that writhed within the vortex that cuts through the air
The soul which burns
(Look up at the sky so don’t waver
Just break, just burn, just blaze, change the world)

This power will unlock the prodigy
Exhaled the breath to the point to nobody, but to the end of lowered gaze
I won’t let the fire that I grabbed die
(No matter what happens)
(if we hurry up to break a ground, we can still keep going,
Go away)

Go Shooting And dance boldly
The single treasure Power that our bonds let forth
Break through, on the vibes of hope
It’s unforgivable to stumble or regret
The world we should save is place of sacredness
(Save the world! place of sacredness)

吹き荒ぶレイス 立ち向かえ
minds to fighter

讃えられし孤高の勇者 此処に芽吹く
(I found 進むべき道へと fight now)
黒闇の薄明かりに 踏み入れた begin now
(I can 不滅への道から help now)
選ぶべき Right choose
(Excite したらすぐ dead down)
蠢いた運命へと The soul which burns
[look up at the sky so don’t waver
just break, just burn, just blaze, change the world]

この力が鬼才を解き 誰でもなくて 俯く先に
吐き出した息 仰げはもう
[何があっても消させない] (開天闢地へとhurry upしたら まだまだいけるgo way)

GO, shooting out 果敢に舞い踊れ
絆が放つ1つのTreasure power
突き抜けろ 希望とバイブスで
躓いて 後悔なんて許されない
救うべき 世界は place of sacredness
[世界救え! place of sacredness]

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