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Anime: No Guns Life 2nd Season

Ending theme: New world


Season: Summer 2020


Itsu datte yokubō wa bōdai kōkai wa poketto de ōrai
Shinde mo tatterya mondainai genjitsu to chigatteru nōnai
Mousai kekkan ni shindō tsutawatte kotaeteta sōtō
Me no mae ni aru no wa zaihō itsukara ka minai furi jōtai

Kakawatte musunde hiraite gomakashite kemuri ni fukashite
Itsu datte yokubō wa bōdai genjitsu to chigatteru nōnai

Gekitetsu okoshi hima o moteamashi komekami ni ategatte
Nani ga deru no kasa a tamesō ka kami wa doko ni mo inairashīne

Wow wow wow iganda jūkō
Wow wow wow karitekita rinri
Wow wow wow jidai no sei janai
Yoku neraeyo koko ni irukara
Wow wow wow atarashī sekai
Wow wow wow itsuka mieru ka
Wow wow wow dare no te mo karizu
Yattemiru kana hikigane hīte

Your desires are always massive. It’s alright, regrets are in your pocket
If you can stand even if you’re dead then there’s no problem. The contents of your brain differ from reality.

Pulsing within hair-thin blood vessels, conveying the same thing as suffering
Pretending not to see the treasure that’s right in front of your eyes since forever

Sticking and tying together and opening up, trying to play it off, blowing smoke
Your desires are always massive. The contents of your brain differ from reality.

Not knowing what to do with the free time brought on by a cocked gun, provided to your temples
Who knows what’ll come out, let’s give it a try. It doesn’t seem like God is anywhere.

Wow wow wow, a warped muzzle of a gun
Wow wow wow, borrowed morals
Wow wow wow, the era isn’t to blame
Aim well, because it’s right here.
Wow wow wow, a new world
Wow wow wow, will I be able to see it someday?
Wow wow wow, not asking for anyone’s help
Will you try it? Pull the trigger.

いつだって欲望は膨大 後悔はポケットでオーライ
死んでも立ってりゃ 問題ない 現実と違ってる脳内
毛細な血管に振動 伝わって堪えてた相当
目の前にあるのは財宝 いつからか見ないフリ状態

拘って結んで開いて 誤魔化して煙にふかして
いつだって欲望は膨大 現実と違ってる脳内

撃鉄起こし暇を持て余し こめかみにあてがって
何が出るのかさあ試そうか 神は何処にもいないらしいね

Wow wow wow 歪んだ銃口
Wow wow wow 借りて来た倫理
Wow wow wow 時代のせいじゃない
よく狙えよ ここにいるから
Wow wow wow 新しい世界
Wow wow wow いつか見えるか
Wow wow wow 誰の手も借りず
やってみるかな 引き金引いて